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Aims and scope

AI Communications is a journal on Artificial Intelligence which has a close relationship to ECCAI. It covers the whole AI community; scientific institutions as well as commercial and industrial companies, AI Communications aims to enhance contacts and information exchange between AI researchers and developers, and to provide supranational information to those concerned with AI and advanced information processing. AI Communications publishes refereed articles concerning scientific and technical AI procedures, provided they are of sufficient interest to a large readership of both scientific and practical background. In addition it contains high-level background material, both at the technical level as well as the level of opinions, policies and news. The Editorial Board is appointed by the Editor-in-Chief. The journal is governed by an Editorial Board consisting of leading European AI experts.

ECCAI members can enter the electronic version of AI Communications on the web. Access codes for the full text version are distributed by the national societies.
To go to AI Communications directly, please click here.
Click here to access the current issue.
Information for authors is available at the Editor-in-chief's AICom page.


Maria Fox
Department of Informatics
King's College London
London, UK

Daniele Magazzeni
Department of Informatics
King's College London
London, UK


IOS Press
Nieuwe Hemweg 6B
1013 BG Amsterdam
phone:+31 20 688 3355
fax:+31 20 620 3419

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